Legal action starts to remove Weston-super-Mare traveller camp

Travellers parked in Weston-super-Mare. Credit: BPM Media

Legal action is being taken to remove a traveller encampment from Weston-super-Mare seafront.

North Somerset Council issued the group with a notice requiring them to leave by 11 May.

But the group - which consists of around 10 caravans - ignored the order and remain parked on the green space.

Now the council has applied to North Somerset Magistrates’ Court to gain a formal eviction notice.

Another group of travellers arrived in Weston-super-Mare in April, but left after a few days. Credit: BPM Media

Richard Turner, of North Somerset Council, explained: “The group failed to comply with the direction to leave so we are in the process of obtaining a court hearing at the earliest opportunity.”

This is the second traveller encampment to occupy the site in the past month.

The first group, which consisted of around 12 caravans, arrived in late April and stayed for a number of days before moving on.

Council officers are currently looking at possible measures to prevent future encampments at the Beach Lawns, including removing dropped kerbs and installing bollards.

The report is expected to go before council bosses later this month.

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