Dog rescued after chasing rabbit down mineshaft in Cornwall

Dog rescue Cornwall
Lucky escape for Betsy - the Jack Russell that got trapped down a mineshaft in Cornwall Credit: BPM Media/Bristol Live

A relieved dog owner has expressed her gratitude to the emergency services after her beloved Jack Russell was rescued from a mineshaft.

Lauren Fowler was left terrified when her two-year-old Betsy disappeared down a shaft.

Fortunately the emergency services were able to stage a heroic rescue, with Betsy left with just a few scratches.

Lauren said: “We were walking on Rosewall Hill, near St Ives. I presume Betsy saw a rabbit and tried to chase it under the wire fence surrounding the mineshaft.

Lauren Fowler with her dog Betsy - both relieved after the mineshaft drama Credit: BPM MEDIA/CORNWALL LIVE

“She then disappeared, wasn’t making a sound, I wasn’t sure whether she fallen straight down deep into the mine or hurt herself.

"She never runs away so I’m immediately thinking the worst case scenario. I called the emergency services and they sent the fire team. They managed to see into the mine and Betsy started barking.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service rescuing Betsy from the mineshaft Credit: BPM MEDIA/CORNWALL LIVE

"They were so amazing, so quick to the scene and calming.

“They had to get the line rescue from Tolvaddon to the scene due to the dangerous nature. They cut the fence and went down on a harness to her.

"They got her out within 1.5 hours of me calling them and I can’t thank them enough.”

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