Lorry gets jammed between buildings in narrow street in Cornwall

  • Watch fire services attend to stuck lorry in Chacewater

An articulated lorry got stuck between buildings while passing through a narrow street in a Cornwall village.

The 16-wheel lorry was unable to pass around a tight corner in Chacewater, Truro, and needed the assistance of the fire service and police on Thursday 20 May.

Fire engines from Cornwall Fire and Rescue service were called. A spokesperson on Twitter said: "A crew from Truro Community Fire Station are currently dealing with an incident involving an artic lorry in #Chacewater.

"The main road is currently blocked while crews resolve the incident.

"Devon and Cornwall Police are also in attendance."

On May 18, a lorry was left teetering on the edge of Bickleigh Bridge in Devon after colliding with the stonebridge structure.

The lorry was travelling from Blackwater and temporarily blocked travel through the village before eventually being freed.

Local residents said these type of incidents are commonplace in Chacewater and they have witnessed buses and other large vehicles struggling to get past the street.

Onlookers said they were astonished the lorry had manage to get as far as he did down Station Road, which is notoriously narrow.

Oner person said said: "Had a problem getting buses to do three-point turns on the west side of the village, traffic was pretty bad both sides.

"Chacewater is not the easiest of places to navigate at the best of times. Several locals were out directing traffic until the emergency services arrived.

"I'm amazed he got a truck of that size through the lower end of station road."

Other witnesses who saw the lorry get stuck in the afternoon said: "An arctic lorry has come into Chacewater from Blackwater and got stuck across the middle of Chacewater.

"Fire engine just arrived but absolutely no access through Chacewater!"

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