Wally the Walrus spotted off coast of Cornwall

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An arctic walrus has been spotted off the coast of Cornwall, the first recorded visit to the region by the mammal in history.

The walrus, which had been enjoying the sun in Pembrokeshire earlier this year, was spotted by a group on a sea safari near Padstow on Wednesday.

It is believed that there are around 20,000 of the mammals in the North Atlantic, but a sighting in the UK is still rare.

The Walrus, which had been called Wally after spending an extended amount of time in Tenby, is believed to have fallen asleep on an iceberg.

Nathaniel Barry, who spotted the walrus, works for Padstow Sea Life Safari. He said that he "never expected" to see one in the South West.

The Walrus was spotted by tourists on a sea safari. Credit: Nathaniel Barry

“I think I was more shocked than the passengers and kind of just got emotional because yeah, never expected it to ever happen,” said Nathaniel.

The WWF states walruses can live to around 40 years old and can weigh up to one tonne as the animals need fat to stay alive.

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