'World's largest collection of permanent street murals by female artists' completed in Bristol

Credit: ITV West Country

Artwork in Bristol believed to be the world's largest collection of permanent street murals by female artists has been completed.

Four buildings above shops in Bedminster had already been decorated and two new pieces of work were unveiled on the afternoon of Friday 21 May.

The 'Six Sisters Project' has been planned for half a decade, with the first mural completed five years ago at Europe's largest street art festival 'Upfest'.

Stephen Hayles, who founded Upfest, created the Six Sisters Project in 2016. He took inspiration from the 'Painted Ladies' row of colourful victorian houses in San Francisco.

Credit: ITV West Country

Bex Glover, Zoe Power, Gemma Compton, Sophie Long, Emily J Taylor ('Ejits') and Lucas Antics have contributed to the collection. It is thought to be the world's largest street project completed by women.

Sophie said: "I'm glad that I've been a part of it."

"It's unheard of for six female artists painting in a strip. It's not been done yet - which in some ways is quite scary - but I'm glad that I'm a part of something that is making it normal for women artists to just go out there and paint."

Credit: ITV West Country

Emily said lockdown was something he was conscious of when designing her piece.

She added: "I wanted it to be as bright and cheerful as possible so that when you're coming out of lockdown there will be something to look at to cheer everybody up.

"I've been following the artists for a while and it's so cool to be part of that group. We're all Bristol-based and we're all female, we all get that representation and displaying female art is important to encourage other people to have a go."

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