The 'paint your own brick' art project bringing a splash of colour to Plymouth

2205021 bricks
The wall in Glen Park Avenue is filling up with colourful pictures. Credit: ITV News

A new art project in Plymouth is filling up with pictures painted by the general public.

More than 3,000 bricks, each featuring a different design, make up one of the more unusual exhibits of the city's Mayflower 400 celebrations.

Anyone can add a design to one of the 3,000 bricks in the wall. Credit: ITV News

Organiser Frasia Dunn said: "Everyone chooses a brick that has a coloured background and you can paint a picture of what you love about Plymouth.

"That's a really wide brief so it could be Smeaton's Tower or the Hoe, or any of the things people come from all around the world to see, or it could be something in your garden or your favourite auntie."

People are adding all sorts of weird and wonderful pictures. Credit: ITV News

When the bricks are finished the team take pictures to document them for their website, and when the whole wall is complete it will be sealed with a protective coating.

"It feels like the people of Plymouth have a real appetite for creativity," Frasia said.

"We've had some school groups and lots of children painting their names or their favourite flowers. There are lots of beautiful images of the sea and the breakwater. Quite often you don't know what's going to come out until you've finished it."

Weather permitting, the wall in Glen Park Avenue will be there for everyone to add their pictures until May 31st.

This brick was painted by a Covid patient who survived the disease. Credit: ITV News