Children's climate change plea to greet G7 leaders

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A poignant poem and a colourful poster by two Cornish schoolchildren have been chosen by the Prime Minister to welcome G7 delegates to Cornwall in June.

Hundreds of entries were received for a competition set up by Cornwall Council and the Cabinet Office. The works of art were shortlisted by a team in Cornwall before being handed to Number 10 to pick the overall winners.

Amelia Stace, aged nine, goes to St Francis School in Falmouth and won the poster competition with her climate change-themed entry.

Amelia Stace's Winning Entry Credit: Cornwall Council

She said: “I was just trying to think of something different that no-one would really come up with. 

"I knew I wanted to do something with ice cream because it melts and it has that Cornish connection.

"I hope the G7 leaders listen to the message.''

Prime Minister Boris Johnson judging competition entries Credit: Downing street

Ben Cross, aged 13, goes to Richard Lander School in Truro and won the poetry competition.

He said: “I am immensely grateful and excited to have been given the honour of my poem being presented at The G7 Summit.

"This is a fantastic opportunity and I can’t wait to share my work. I hope it makes an impact at this amazing event.

"I was inspired to write this poem by the constant eco battle being fought by incredible figures like Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. I wanted my poem to have an influence in the way that they do every day.” 

Winning poem by Ben Cross Credit: Cornwall Council

Service Director for Education at Cornwall Council, Kate Evan-Hughes, said: “Our focus for the G7 is to give young people in Cornwall an opportunity to have their voices heard and to be inspired to act now, in combatting climate change.

"This competition has shown us that young people are not only passionate, but they are demanding action.''

The winning designs will now be used to greet the world leaders, with the other shortlisted entries being printed and displayed at the international media centre in Falmouth during the G7 conference.

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