Residents near Newquay call on housing provider to fix mould, damp and lack of heating

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A group of residents near Newquay have held a protest calling on their housing provider to fix mould, damp and a lack of heating which they say is affecting their health.

The tenants at Rialton Heights in Columb St Major, many of whom are elderly, say they won't give up without a fight.

The housing company claims improvements are on the way.

Ocean Housing has promised to remove all the old water tanks, which are no longer fit for purpose, but so far only five of the 32 heating systems have been replaced, with some facing a long wait until 2030.

Credit: ITV West Country

The residents lodged an official complaint earlier this year. They didn't hear back for quite some time - but Ocean claims it did send a letter which for some reason never arrived.

In a statement, the company's managing director said:

"We are currently delivering, as promised, over £200,000 of energy efficiency initiatives at Rialton Heights, because we understand the cost of heating homes can be expensive.

"All the homes at Rialton Heights have working heating systems which meet the current government standards. 

"We want all our residents to feel safe and comfortable in their homes, and are working as quickly as possible to complete the works to make this happen."

The residents say if they don't start to see changes soon, they will take their bedsheet banners down to county hall to ask politicians to step in.