Family of teen who died of ecstacy overdose on last day of school speak out about drugs reform

Luke died after taking MDMA to celebrate his last day of school. Credit: Family Photo

A grieving mother and sister from North Devon are urging politicians to review drugs laws on the 50th anniversary of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act.Luke Campbell died four years ago today, aged 16, after taking two super strong tablets of MDMA for an under-18s club event in Ilfracombe, to celebrate his last day of school. He collapsed on the dance floor and died in hospital a few hours later. Luke's mother Claire and sister Esther have told ITV West Country why they feel that laws criminalising drug use cause thousands of unnecessary deaths, and that a different approach would mean Luke would still be alive today.

Claire said: "If Luke knew half the information that Esther and I have gleamed since his death, he'd still be alive today."

Claire and Esther both campaign with the group 'Anyone's Child', which is a collective of families impacted by drugs and are lobbying for changes to the law. It comes as a group of 50 MPs and Peers - including Bath MP Wera Hobhouse - have signed a statement demanding the Government urgently review the Misuse of Drugs Act, saying it is outdated and does not tackle the causes and consequences of substance misuse. According to the latest annual figures- in the South West alone - 1,195 people died from drug misuse or drug poisoning in 2019.