Meet the landlady who is turning Gloucester into the 'rainbow city'

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In 2020, Tash Frootko transformed St Mark's Street in Gloucester into the colours of the rainbow.

It became a tourist attraction, as the grey houses were painted with vivid colours.

Word spread and residents in the nearby Sebert Street decided they wanted the colourful transformation too.

Credit: ITV News West Country

One resident said: "They look so pretty. In the times of Covid, the houses look so lively and vibrant. This adds character to the street as well. It feels more homely."

Another said: "It makes the street look nice and pretty. Before my house was grey, not as nice really."

Tash Frootko, who is a property developer, helps source the paint and the decorators. She said: "All the residents are paying for their own painting. You can see how much it uplifts the street and it's a really good investment in your property.

"I've got quite a few streets lined up in Gloucester and there's no stopping me now. It seems like I'm turning Gloucester into the rainbow city."

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