What life is like living in Cornwall's only block of high rise flats

  • Watch residents speak about life in Park House

Rosemary Cocks is now 87 years old and has lived in Cornwall’s only high rise block of flats for more than 30 years.

It is clear she loves her two-bedroom apartment. It's decked out with posters of Elvis Presley and Daniel O’Donnell with the stars surrounded by ornaments lovingly displayed in a glass-fronted dresser.

Rose says she loves the sense of community at Park House.

She said: “People look out for each other here, they will visit one another and check they are OK, I have made quite a few friends over the years”.

Rosemary Cocks Credit: Greg Martin / Cornwall Live

She says many people are surprised at how large the flats are in the building and she thinks her two-bedroom flat is “lovely”.

Built in 1968, Park House is 36m high and has 67 floors spread across 11 floors. There are 21 one-bedroom properties and the rest have two bedrooms.

Park House, St Austell Credit: LDRS/Richard Whitehouse

Michelle Banks has lived in Park House for around nine years having moved down from Harlow in Essex where high rise buildings are more commonplace.

She said when she told people back in Essex that she lived in the only high rise flats in Cornwall they were surprised.

“You have got everything on your doorstep here, there’s a medical centre, supermarket, schools and the town, and the train station isn’t too far, it’s a good spot,” says Michelle.

Michelle said there was a good community spirit in the building and said that she had got to know people on her floor well.

And Rosemary says she has had many family celebrations and special occasions in her 10th floor flat during the past 30 years.

“Yes, I have had lots of lovely times here,” she says with a smile on her face.

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