Cat with tuna can round his neck rescued by RSPCA in Cornwall

The cat has been named Tuna. Credit: RSPCA

A cat who went viral after being pictured with an empty tuna can around his neck is recovering after being rescued.

The cat, who has been named Tuna, was spotted with the tin can around his neck in Saltash.

The RSPCA Cornwall branch launched an appeal on Wednesday (26 May) asking the public to help find the cat in the hope of providing much-needed help to safely remove the can.

After initial disappointment, with traps that had been set left empty, he was found in one on Friday (28 May) and rushed to a vet to remove his uncomfortable tin can necklace.

RSPCA Cornwall branch celebrated after Tuna was discovered in a cat trap on Friday morning. Credit: RSPCA

Amy Bone, one of the Animal Welfare Officers from the RSPCA Cornwall Branch who have been helping Tuna's rescue, said: “Thanks to two incredible volunteers who live locally, the cat with a tuna can around its neck in Saltash was successfully caught on Friday.

"The cat was taken to a local vets, where the tuna can came off without needing to cut it.

“The can had been filed down around the edges and had tape covering sharp areas so thankfully he was unharmed physically but he does seem to be very wary of people. 

“The cat has no microchip so no owners can be contacted. He was brought to our cattery where we will care for him until either his owners can be found, or we can find him a new home. 

“Thank you to everyone who was involved in catching this boy, we have called him Tuna".

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