Woman trying to rescue dog on Somerset beach gets stuck in mud

Credit: BPM Media

A dog walker got knee-deep stuck in mud after trying to rescue her pet dog on a beach in Somerset.

The incident happened underneath Burnham-on-Sea Pier on Bank Holiday Monday (31 May).

The woman found herself trapped when she got caught out by the mud bar which stretches along the Somerset beach.

Fortunately lifeguards were on duty at the time and alerted a passing coastguard patrol vehicle.

Crews began digging her out with their hands and pulled her free. Luckily, she had no injuries.

In a Facebook post, Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team said: "Once the tide recedes there is a small mud bar that stretches along the beach and as the beach changes each day, the soft spots move after every tide.

"The RNLI Lifeguards were on duty and spotted the lady and alerted our passing patrol vehicle to the lady's plight and as BARB Search and Rescue were out practising we asked them to stand by in case we needed them.

"As the lady wasn't too far off the hard standing, two of our mud rescue technicians kitted up and pulled two stretchers out to her location and after a brief chat to assess any medical problems that could be involved they set about digging her feet out with their hands.

"Once she was up the two techs used the stretchers as a walkway moving one in front of the other to get her back to the hard standing to a very nice loud cheer and applause from the large crowds that had gathered to watch.

"The lady was a little embarrassed but she was well within the red flags that were placed by the lifeguards and the mud bar was particularly soft on this occasion - wrong place at the wrong time."

If you have an emergency at the beach, dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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