Bake Off's Briony: "Watching communities come together during lockdown has been great"

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The Great British Bake Off's Briony May Williams has said that watching communities come together and get to know one another during lockdown has been fantastic.

The Bristol-based baker was promoting 'The Big Lunch', a campaign encouraging people to get together with their neighbours and enjoy each other's company.

'The Big Lunch' takes place in multiple areas across the country every June and is usually celebrated by millions of people.

Last year the event was held virtually across the UK but there are brighter hopes for events this time around.

Speaking to ITV West Country Briony, who was on The Great British Bake Off, said: "It is going to be to say hi to your neighbours and there is loads of baking involved which is why I think it is great every year."

When asked whether she became very popular with her neighbours during lockdown because of her love of baking Briony joked that usually her husband is the happy recipient of her baked goods.

"I don't know if I am the most popular in my street because my husband usually eats a lot of my baking but hopefully they still like me," she said.

Briony joked that usually her husband eats her baked goods before she has time to offer them to her neighbours!

She encouraged as many people as possible to come together to celebrate the community event this year, which will hopefully mark a near end to coronavirus restrictions next month.

"It is a nice and safe way for people to get out and communicate with each other which is really important," she said.

She also encouraged people to get out and try communicating with their neighbours, stating how a lot of people enjoy the community spirit.

"If you are nervous then maybe just pop a note through their door and start a little Whatsapp group to say hi. Most of the time people really want to talk to each other and get involved with things," she said.

"I think those little chats with your neighbours became really important for people.

"You would smile at people and now you actually acknowledge people who live on the same road as you so there have been some benefits of lockdown."

'The Big Lunch' is due to take place across the West Country on the first weekend of June.

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