'Some of you are breaking us': Cornwall cafe owner hits back at rude visitors

The cafe owners lifted the lid on the impact rude customers are having on staff members. Credit: BPM Media

The owner of a café in Fowey has hit back at "TripAdvisor warriors" and pleaded with customers to be nicer, as staff are experiencing mental health issues due to job pressures.

An emotional message was posted on the Facebook page for Brown Sugar after rude customers had left some staff members at breaking point.

It said some were even changing jobs to avoid working in hospitality because the already busy tourist season in the county was having a negative impact.

“Fowey very much like the rest of Cornwall is buckling under the strain from visitors," it read.

"The hospitality industry is struggling with a severe lack of staff. This is because people are changing professions for the sake of their mental health.

“What happened to be kind? My amazing staff are working so so hard, but for some of you this isn't good enough, some of you can't wait, some of you are in a rush.

"Every single meal and drink is prepared fresh to order, if your drink takes 10 minutes then it's probably because there are ten orders in front of you.”

The owner said some members of staff are now avoiding working in hospitality. Credit: BPM Media

The writer of the post stressed the café is a small independent business and "not McDonald's".

It continued: “I will not tolerate anyone being rude to my staff, when they are pushing themselves to the limit to provide you with your food and drink and the best service possible.

“None of my staff have had a lunch break today, none of my staff have had a break today.

“TripAdvisor warriors, back off! Why can't anyone leave a nice review? Look at the bigger picture folks, where has this self entitlement come from?

Hundreds of people, many previous hospitality workers, commented on the post and agreed that the industry needs a break.

One commenter wrote her son worked a 17-hour shift, and managed to get just two five minute breaks in that time.

Another wrote: “Totally agree, selfish and arrogant people know nothing of the strains and pressure put on hospitality staff.

“The amazing thing is these people are on holiday and have the time to sit and relax and enjoy the time they have whilst the workers run around doing their best to cope with the onset of human flotsam that suddenly descends upon us, like lemmings in reverse.

“Please respect the workers they are human too.”

The café owners later thanked the public for such an overwhelming response to the plea.

They said: “Well that escalated quickly! Thank you to each and every one of you that have been in contact with myself and the team today."

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