'We lost everything' - Cornwall family's home destroyed by fire

Heather's daughters who lost everything in the fire.
Heather Thompson said that her and her daughters have been overwhelmed by the support of the community.

A mum-of-four whose house was ravaged by a fire said she has been "completely overwhelmed" by the support her family has received.

Heather Thompson lived with her four daughters, Milly, Dylan, Nell and Penelope in their home in Rock, Cornwall.

But on Monday 31 May their lives changed forever after a fire seriously damaged the property.

The children's clothes were lost alongside other sentimental items. Heather also lost her cooking appliances which she used to make cakes for work.

But a family member's split-second decision to start a fundraising page online saw the community rally around the family, with hundreds donating money and other items to help support them.

Heather says that she lost her ability to work because of the fire.

"It has been a really emotional time," Heather said.

"We lost a lot in the fire and it left me unable to work so I was really worried about what was going to happen.

"We had been in that house for four years and so we had a lot of things there that have been lost.

"We lost everything so it has been such a huge relief to have had the support from everyone, it has meant so much."

The fire is believed to have started in the boiler room of the house, which is accessed externally, but investigations are still ongoing.

The house fire is still being investigated by officers. Credit: Wadebridge Fire Station

"People have just been so kind and we are all so grateful," Heather said.

"It has relieved so much pressure and the donations from everyone has really meant so much to us so we want to say thank you to everyone."

The fundraising page has had donations from more than 200 people and £7,000 has been raised already. They have also received clothing donations from the children's schools and supplies to help with Heather's eight-month old baby.

Heather's sister Hazel started the fundraiser and she has said how she could never have dreamt it would have had this much support and interaction from people in the area.

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"I wanted to do something and thought the page would be able to help support them for a few days," Hazel said.

"I never thought it would have had the support that it has it is amazing.

"We are honestly so moved by how generous people have been, everything makes a massive different at the moment and you all have all helped make things slightly easier for Heather and the girls.

"It is indescribable, it has highlighted the good part of humanity."

Heather and the girls are currently staying in a caravan park near to their home but she said that Cornwall Council were looking to support the family in accommodation as soon as possible.

The Thompson's fundraising page can be found here.

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