'Tourists go home' - vandals scratch message on coastal path in Cornwall

The message is on a section of the coastal path in Looe. Credit: BPM Media

Residents and visitors at a popular holiday resort in Cornwall have expressed their “disgust” at an increasing animosity towards holidaymakers and visitors after an “unpleasant” message was etched on an entrance to a coastal path. 

“Tourists to go home” was inscribed into the gateway inside a circular walk near Looe, with another message saying “2nd home owners also”.

The message was shared in a photo on social media by Lee Kershaw who was visiting the area. It has sparked outrage with hundreds of divided comments. 

Lee said: "During my travels I came across this unpleasant piece of vandalism on one of the coastal path gates."

"I will add that I was made to feel welcome by all the locals (and other tourists) I met during my week in and about Looe. I had a few good chats during my travels and met some really great people.

"This is just the action of a small-minded individual who was prepared to destroy part of their home to voice an opinion that nobody really cares about."

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