Two thirds of people in Somerset would prefer to have two authorities according to controversial poll

The County Council called the poll 'flawed and biased'. Credit: ITV West Country

Around two thirds of people who responded to a survey in Somerset said they would prefer to have two authorities for the county rather than one.

The poll was run by Somerset's four district councils and received a 25% turnout.

The county and district councils have been split about how they want the future of local government in Somerset to look.

Somerset County Council backs the scrapping of the five biggest authorities and the implementation of one new unitary authority. Meanwhile, the four districts would prefer that two new unitary councils are the replacements - one for the east of Somerset and one for the west.

65.3% of people who responded to the poll supported the district councils' proposal.

A decision by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick is expected soon.

When commissioning the poll, the district councils said local people "must be allowed to have the opportunity to have their say clearly and unambiguously". They have stated that it could cost up to £310,000, which they will share the cost of.

The County Council called the poll 'flawed and biased'.Last month the four district councils apologised after a link to a website featuring what they described as 'some offensive content' was sent to thousands of residents.