Major overhaul of tracks at Bristol Temple Meads to improve flow of trains at the station

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From next month, there will be a major overhaul of tracks at Bristol Temple Meads train station with Network Rail taking advantage of the lower number of passengers using its services.

Network Rail will be replacing the track and installing a new layout at the major Bristol East Junction, improving reliability and increasing capacity on the track for more services to run.

Work is set to begin on July 10, 2021 and run over an eight-week period until September 3, 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic - and fewer passengers - means the work has been brought forward and will be quicker than first thought.

Network Rail have said that they will be starting the work in July.

Over £132 million is being spent on the station over the next few years with a number of projects expected to start.

On their website, Network Rail said that the station would be a world-class transport hub following the restoration and renovation work.

The statement said: "Bristol Temple Meads is at the heart of future regeneration plans for the city and the wider region that will see it become a truly world-class transport hub.

"A programme of renovations is underway that, once complete, will bring a brighter welcome to the city and a better experience for our passengers. We are proud to be preserving Bristol’s oldest station for future generations."

The work will cause some disruption, but Sarah Kelley from Cross Country has said that the station will remain open throughout.

Sarah Kelley said that the work would not close the station.

"Different phases of the work and it will mean different things. Bristol remains open throughout. Whilst there will be disruption we still will have services operating," she said.

It is hoped that the work will help to rejuvenate the station, making it a better representation of the city.

"We need to make the railway and the station as welcoming as possible," he said.

"The station should represent the city. It is a vibrant colourful city and the station should be no different."

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