'It is something we'll remember forever' - American family who met President Biden in St Ives church

  • Watch President Biden arriving at the church in St Ives.

President Joe Biden surprised church-goers as he attended mass at a St Ives church before the final day of the G7 Summit.

He was visiting the region along with world leaders including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron.

But before his meetings on Sunday 13 June, the President made a stop-off at a church in the small seaside town.

The narrow streets of St Ives were locked down as the Presidential motorcade took over and secret service agents swarmed the town.

The few lucky enough to have chosen to attend the church service had no advance warning of their special guests, who sat in a pew towards the back of the Sacred Heart and St. la Catholic Church.

Before leaving the church the president met one family who actually had something in common with him, their American roots.

Nina Roldan has lived in St Ives with her family for less than a year and they attend the church in the town regularly. She said they were able to have a small conversation with President Biden and said he was "very interesting".

Nina and her family got to speak with President Joe Biden.

"We were running a bit late to church as normal with our three kids. We were stopped on the street and we were told that we had to wait by police," Nina explained.

"We told them we were late and that we were on our way to get to the church.

"They then escorted us down the road and in to the church. We went in and it was a normal service but we noticed that father was talking about the G7.

"Then the doors opened and in came President Biden with his wife with the secret service."

Nina then explained how her eldest son was actually wearing a sport shirt to church and that President Biden noticed it.

"My eldest son chose to wear his San Antonio Spurs shirt and the president walked past and he was looking at it," she continued.

"We had a little chat and he was really interesting. He was very kind and he was very interested in us.

President Joe Biden with Dr Jill Biden arriving at the church on Sunday.

"They say typically that he is like your grandfather and I saw that 100%. He was just very friendly and nice."

Nina says she has since spoken to friends and family back in the US about the chance encounter.

"The thing is if we were in America and went to a demonstration or something you wouldn't get the chance to meet him," she said.

"It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it is something that we will all remember for the rest of our lives."

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