Meet the Gloucestershire woman who went wing walking at 80 years old

  • Watch: Johanna Hamer, 80, take to the skies.

An 80-year-old has celebrated her birthday in style - by being strapped to the top of a biplane.

Johanna Hamer, a former pilot, decided to mark her 80th year by wing-walking on an aircraft flying above the Gloucestershire countryside.

The adventurous octogenarian took off from Rencomb Airfield near Stroud, and said the views were "fantastic" and the experience was "amazing."

"I've always been keen to have a go... I like flying, I've got a private pilot's license, I've had it for 30 years," Johanna said. "Any chance of doing anything to do with aeroplanes, I'm there."

Her son, John Faria, said trying wing-walking at 80 was "pretty much mum all over".

Alongside being a pilot herself, Johanna said she "nearly, nearly" experienced a flight with the Red Arrows, but that opportunity was "a long time ago."

Johanna Hamerthe raised money for the air ambulance and the Sue Ryder Hospice by doing the wing walk.

But pilot David Barrell thinks Johanna may not be alone in trying some airborne antics.

"I think it’s because it's so exhilarating for them," explained David, who flew Johanna into the Gloucestershire skies.

"It’s something fairly unusual, unique, and it's something quite easy for them to do. The aeroplane is not difficult to climb up onto - we have extra steps and we make it quite easy for them. I think it's just something quite exciting."

"It is a real view and obviously if they don't look down, they can't see the aeroplane. So, it's almost like they're flying themselves."

Johanna was sponsored for the birthday flight and is donating any money she raised to the Air Ambulance and the Sue Ryder Hospice.

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