Gloucester Rugby to build new state-of-the-art training facility

Construction will begin immediately on the new centre, with sports facilities expected to be ready by July. Credit: Gloucester Rugby.

Gloucester Rugby are constructing a new state-of-the-art training facility near Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucester.

The move to Gloucester will be a multi-million pound investment in the city, with the training centre featuring a range of modern equipment, while the Kingsholm pitch will be upgraded to artificial turf approved by Premiership Rugby and World Rugby.

The new facility will house a 470sqm gym provided by Sportesse, which includes six Olympic lifting platforms, a rehabilitation centre with hot and cold recovery systems and a dedicated recovery gym. There will also be an indoor high-performance training pitch.

Construction will begin immediately at what was the SLG Beauty Warehouse, with hopes the sports facilities will be ready to use by July.

The new gym will include six Olympic weight lifting platforms, a rehabilitation centre and a recovery gym. Credit: Gloucester Rugby.

George Skivington, Gloucester Rugby Head Coach, said: "On Gloucester soil and walking distance from the stadium, the acquisition and development of this state-of-the-art facility will fortify Kingsholm as a centre of excellence and double down on our commitment to developing home grown talent.

"We're also excited about the investment in the synthetic pitch at Kingsholm, which will provide a consistent playing surface in all conditions - something the whole team are really keen for. It also means that we can host multiple matches in one weekend, allowing us to welcome more academy and women's matches."

The new pitch, provided by Bristol-based company Verde Recreo, has been undergone strict testing and has the full approval of Premiership Rugby and World Rugby.

The facilities will include an indoor high performance training pitch. Credit: Gloucester Rugby

Lewis Ludlow, Captain of Gloucester Rugby said: "We are very excited to start using the upgraded facilities. The new pitch means we can go out on the field knowing what surface to expect, allowing us to focus on the game in hand. This investment in the team will help us ensure we can play our very best week on week and continue to make fans proud."  

The pitch incapsulated polymeric infill will mean both players and the environment are protected, and exceeds the EU's toughest standards as well as being fully recyclable.

But the club is also aiming for the upgrade to benefit fans and those in Gloucestershire, as well as the players. Apart from sports facilities, Gloucester Rugby's new training facility will include office space, and an extended hospitality area.

This is hoped to improve the match-day experience for fans while allowing the club to host more events with larger audiences.

The club say the new centre is not only for the players, but about the fans - with new offices and and an extended hospitality area. Credit: Gloucester Rugby.

Gloucester Rugby CEO, Lance Bradley, said: "We are very excited to be able to share this news with the fans and are looking forward to starting work on the development in the coming weeks," said Gloucester Rugby CEO, Lance Bradley.

"The fans are of utmost importance to the Club and we want them to be the first to experience the new facilities.

"We'll be inviting all Club members who have donated to the club to an exclusive launch event later in the year, as well as thanking them by displaying their name on a wall within the facility."

Lance Bradley added that the new facility "reinforces our commitment to Gloucester" and is "just the beginning" of moves to unify the "playing and commercial function in the coming years."

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