Popular Cheltenham swan Zelda dies after breaking leg

Zelda lived in Pittville Park with her partner George and their cygnets, which were born in May. Credit: BPM Media

A well-known swan in Cheltenham has died after breaking its leg.

Zelda was much-loved by residents and visitors to Pittville Park, where she resided with her partner George.

Last month, the pair welcomed seven new cygnets and appeared to be enjoying life on their lake island.

But vets at Vale Wildlife Hospital in Tewkesbury have confirmed Zelda died overnight after suffering a broken leg and infection - possible caused by a dog attack.

Zelda and George lived in Pittville Park in Cheltenham (pictured).

Administrator Natalie Gould said the swan was “lethargic” and “very thin” when she was brought in on Wednesday 16 June.

“She hadn’t eaten and had been isolated away from George and her cygnets, which is very strange,” she said.

“She was very thin and there was a lot of feather damage, suggesting she may have had to defend herself.

The cause of Zelda’s broken leg is unclear but Natalie said she suffered a similar injury in 2011 after being attacked by a dog.

“We don’t know what happened,” she added. “There must have been some sort of trauma. She might have been attacked by a dog again.”

Natalie said it was important dog owners using the park keep their pets on a lead, especially while walking near the swans or lake.

She also revealed lots of people had contacted the vets to check on Zelda.

“We’ve had lots of calls from people who are very upset about it,” she said. “But nothing else could have been done.”

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