Dorset farmer calls for ‘Gladis Law’ after pregnant Highland cow killed by dogs

Cameron Farquharson with a highland cow
Mr Farquharson is calling all farmers to support the campaign for dogs to be kept on leads near livestock. Credit: Cameron Farquharson

A Dorset farmer is campaigning for a change in the law to protect livestock from dog attacks following the death of his pregnant Highland cow and her unborn calf.

Cameron Farquharson says Gladis had been grazing at Eggardon Hill near Bridport when she was chased off one of the hill fort's 30-foot ramparts in a suspected dog attack on 26 May.

Mr Farquharson said: "An act of complete negligence by someone has left this beautiful and much-love animal and her unborn calf dead. Both my family and I are utterly devastated.

"This attack should never have happened."

The incident was not reported at the time and Gladis was not found until the next day. The discovery was 'distressing' for Mr Farquharson and his family.

He added: "Had I been informed at the time, Gladis might not have languished all night in serious injury, pain and distress. We might have been able to save her and her unborn calf."

A proposed change to the law is being supported by West Dorset MP Chris Loder, who pushed the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Act through Parliament. Mr Loder is also campaigning to end live animal exports.

Mr Farquharson added: "We've been overwhelmed by the tremendous support from the public on social media and it means a lot to me and my family.

"What we need now is the farming community to speak up and help us protect out livestock from dog attacks."

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