Double triumph for identical twins from Yeovil as they pass driving test on the same day

Identical twins from Yeovil pass driving test for the first time, on the same day
Danielle and Aimee Wood passed their driving test within hours of each other, with the same examiner. Credit: Deborah Gingell

A pair of identical twins from Yeovil have passed their driving tests at the first attempt, on the same day - with the same examiner.

Eighteen-year-olds Danielle and Aimee Wood had their tests at the town's driving centre just three hours apart.

Danielle sailed through first and, true to her word, didn't reveal how she's got on to her sister Aimee as she nervously waited her turn to get behind the wheel.

Mum Leanne Colley said: “None of us slept very well the night before and we all agreed that Danielle’s result was not going to be revealed until after Aimee had sat her test.

“Then when Aimee went to the test centre she was met by the same examiner who must have thought she was seeing double!”

The celebrations began when both girls passed with flying colours, and they are now driving around town in a car they've bought together.

Leanne added: “I am so pleased that they both passed, it could have been very awkward if they hadn’t.

“They have always done things together, but to pass their tests first time on the same day was amazing.”

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