Confused car driver breaks down on Cornish coast path meant for walkers

The car was left with just inches either side of the path, but broke down when the driver attempted to reverse. Credit: BPM Media/Cornwall Live

A car driver has gained notoriety on Cornish community groups after breaking down on a coast path meant for pedestrians.

The motorist got lost after driving down the path between Porthminster Beach, St Ives, and Carbis Bay on Saturday (June 19).

A photo of the vehicle was posted on social media, showing it broken down with just inches between the car, hedges and a fence.

'Probably pretty embarrassing'

Janny Redders said: “Well I have seen it all now. They obviously were having a terrible day, bless them.

"They were between the railway bridge just after Porthminster Beach and Hain Walk.

"Unfortunately, they broke down trying to reverse back up. No idea if they’ve managed to get it back up.“They seemed pretty calm considering. It’s probably pretty embarrassing for them.”

It is not clear how the driver ended up driving along the coastal path or why the vehicle broke down.

But Cornish residents were sympathetic to the driver's plight.

In a local community group, Friends of Carbis Bay, Marilyn Fuller wrote: “Must’ve given them major heart palpitations once they realised the error of their ways.”

Jenny Hollow added: “Poor people, easy mistake if you don’t know where you are. I can’t work out which way they were going, down or up?”

There was also speculation that the driver may have been misled by their Satnav.Carole Ann Powell said: “Maybe they didn't know it was for pedestrians not cars when they started to drive down there. It’s not as if they could turn around and go back.

"It’s probably another Satnav moment, but I bet they know now not to trust their Satnav in Cornwall now.”

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