Music teacher sits nine different exams with nine different instruments in one day

Estelle Jackson teacher taunton queens college instrument exams
Estelle Jackson has been a music teacher for 25 years.

A music teacher in Somerset has taken on the mammoth task of sitting nine exams for nine different instruments - all in one day.

Estelle Jackson, who teaches at Queen's College in Taunton, tackled the feat to raise money for causes close to her heart.

"Colleagues and people I don't even know have been saying 'That's crazy, that's absolutely amazing.' But to me, it just feels normal because I've been working on it for ages," she said.

Her remarkable achievement has raised at least £1,300 for two charities - the Sidney Lawton Music Trust, enabling students at Queen's College to practice and develop their musical skills, and for the Stand Against Violence charity.

"It's been brilliant. The amount that people have donated has blown my mind... that's the most I've ever managed to raise, though obviously I couldn't have done it on my own because my colleagues have been so supportive."

None of the instruments Estelle was tested on are her 'go-tos'. Credit: Estelle Jackson

Ms Jackson says a colleague completed a similar task a couple of years ago, by taking eight different exams for eight different instruments.

Going one step further she sat nine, comprising Initial Grade Trumpet, Grade 1 Classical Guitar, Grade 2 Trombone, Grade 3 Cello. Grade 4 Xylophone, Grade 5 Singing. Grade 6 Bassoon, Grade 7 Piano and Grade 8 Soprano Saxophone.

She explains: "I had a really difficult time in the bassoon exam - I was a bit disappointed, and then I didn't play the piano as well as I could have. I said to the examiner, 'I'm messing up scales that I shouldn't have and it's because I'm upset.'

"I came out of the piano thinking, 'I hope that's enough', and then I thought, 'I'm actually really cross and I'm going to go in there and show her what I can really do.' And I think I did, with my saxophone exam, which went well."

None of the instruments she was tested on are her 'go-tos' - which means the music teacher of 25 years crammed for weeks to hit all the right notes.

Ms Jackson completed her challenge with five distinctions, three merits and a pass.

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