The Asda worker who belts out Tina Turner and Whitney Houston over the tannoy

An Asda worker has been putting a smile on shoppers faces during the pandemic - by singing over the tannoy.

Tracey Henry works on the customer service desk in the Hayle branch of Asda and has taken to serenading customers and staff during her shifts.

Her top song choices are those by Tina Turner and Whitney Houston, but she also sings happy birthday to customers.

Tracey said: ''The reason I do it is because it makes a difference, it puts a smile on people's faces and I believe that is giving service.

''I love singing and I believe and feel that the customer loves it, because they always say 'oh I didn't hear a song today', and I always do it so they feel happy - that's just me, joy and I love to be happy.''

  • Watch Tracey perform in Asda

Tracey has worked at the Hayle branch for five years, but has spent 20 years working for the supermarket chain, which she says she loves.

Colleagues at the store say she has made a huge difference to customers, especially during the pandemic.

Tracey's colleague Clair Bailey said: ''As soon as there's music there, she's up she's dancing she's interacting with the customers, she's always promoting things in store. 

"A lot of people open up to her and she's got a good rapport with a lot of customers. A lot of locals know her and ask for her by name.''

Tracey loves to sing Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.

Regular customer Jayne Quick says she immediately struck up a friendship with Tracey the first time she visited the store.

She said: ''There was one time when she had some sunbeds out in the foyer and she was sitting on one with some buckets and spade and speakers, so I went and sat on the other one with her and just had a bit of a laugh with her and it was absolutely amazing.''

Jayne says Tracey has  made everyone smile through a difficult year.

''You need this, you need someone to cheer you up and she does it every single day she's here," she said.