Jonathon Seed: Timeline shows how ITV investigation uncovered Wiltshire PCC candidate's convictions

As Thames Valley Police continue their investigation into the million-pound fallout that is the failed Wiltshire PCC elections, we look at the timeline that led to this point.

Conservative politician Jonathon Seed was elected Police and Crime Commissioner but he was forced to withdraw when a drink-driving conviction came to light.

Now an ITV News investigation has found he had a second conviction which prevents him from taking office.

The investigation was prompted by sources suggesting to ITV News there was something in Mr Seed’s past that would, if it became public, prevent him from standing for the role.

Rules for PCC candidates are clear that a conviction for an imprisonable offence at any stage of a person’s life is a barrier to taking up the role.

As we examined the history of the Conservative hoping to run the police In Wiltshire it became necessary to put questions directly to the Conservative Candidate Jonathon Seed and the Conservative Party.

As you will see here ITV News repeatedly asked questions but they were never directly answered until Mr Seed withdrew three days after polling day and revealed his drink-drive conviction.

Court documents now revealed by ITV News show he also had another conviction which he didn’t mention in his withdrawal statement and which ITV News understands the Conservative Party was unaware of.

The full timeline of events

  • 26 April - 11 days before Election Day

ITV News sent Mr Seed a direct message via Facebook Messenger

26 April - ITV email communication staff at Conservative HQ

An extract from that email says: "... just to clarify has Mr Seed ever been arrested in this country or elsewhere? If so what for?”

27 April - Twitter direct message to Jonathon Seed

The Twitter DM sent on April 27.

27 April - Email to Conservative communication staffer

“Are you going to respond?”

28-29 April - Text message to communication staff at Conservative HQ

29 April - eight days before the election

Having failed to get a satisfactory response we found Mr Seed in Chippenham and asked him a direct question

4 May

Call to Conservative Party press office asking whether they had any intention of responding to our email. Promise to look into it but they did not respond.

5 May - the day before the election

ITV News understands Conservative Head Office ask Jonathon Seed specifically about his prosecution.

6 May - Election Day

Mr Seed responds to Conservative HQ

9 May

Jonathon Seed officially withdraws as a PCC Candidate and in a statement says: “In 1993 I was convicted of an offence of driving with excess alcohol. I was fined and disqualified from driving for a period of 18 months. I was neither sentenced to a term of imprisonment, nor, under the sentencing authorities could I have been. I therefore did not regard this an ‘imprisonable offence.

"I have at all times been open with the Conservative Party about this conviction. In particular, I declared the conviction in my “Application for Consideration as an Approved Conservative Candidate”,  which I completed in 2011, and did so again recently in my “Application for Consideration as an Approved Conservative Candidate for the 2020 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections” which I completed in 2018.

"I sought and received assurance from the Conservative Party that I was not disqualified by reason of this conviction. At all times up until the evening of 6 May the advice given to me by party officials was that I was not.

"I have at all times been open with the Conservative Party about this conviction.”

May 11

Thames Valley Police issues a statement saying it is investigating.

It said: “Following a request by Wiltshire Police, we have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the 2021 Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner election." 

June 2021 - second conviction uncovered

After legal submission to Swindon Magistrates' Court, ITV News receives archive papers from March 1993 showing Mr Seed has a second 'fail to stop' offence.

30 June - Fresh statement from police

Thames Valley Police issues a statement to ITV News saying: "Thames Valley Police are conducting an investigation in relation to the 2021 Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner election.

"We can confirm that as part of this process the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service has been sought. The investigation is ongoing and we are not in a position to provide further comment at this time."

July 7 - Mr Seed issues a statement

Mr Seed tells ITV News: “Thames Valley Police have investigated all allegations which include the two historic driving convictions you have referred to and evidence of my declarations regarding these to the Conservative Party. 

"I have fully cooperated with TVP as part of their investigation. Given the investigation is ongoing it would not be appropriate for me to make any further comment at this time”