Weather: Summer making a comeback in the South West as temperatures forecast to hit 29C

Porlock marshes sunny blue sky summer drone
Blue skies and turquoise seas at Porlock. Credit: Ian Savigar

At the end of May we were all wishing for some drier weather and at the turn of the month it came, June brought what felt like the start of summer but it did not last all that long.

Pretty soon we had torrential downpours and even an unseasonably stormy weather system move through. Towns were flooded and plans were abandoned but it now looks as though we could see the return of something drier, brighter and warmer.

After teasing us for a few days, high pressure is coming back on the scene as we head through this week, arriving on Wednesday 15 July and lasting in some shape or form for the rest of the month.

  • The outlook for the rest of the week

Temperatures will get higher and there will be more sunshine on offer as the week goes on.

It might not be wall-to-wall blue skies and there will still be a few showery days, but compared to how it's felt over the last few weeks it's a big change of weather pattern.

Wednesday 14 July

There will be bright sunshine with largely clear skies overhead into the night. Temperatures will hold up overnight at around 15C-16C.

Thursday 15 July

There will be a fine start with plenty of sunshine. Into the afternoon we will see a bit of cloud cover bubbling up with highs of 24C in Bristol, Yeovil and Dorchester.

There will also be high levels of UV - so make sure to protect yourself against the sun.

Friday 16 July

People can expect highs of between 24 and 27C across the region.

Saturday 17 July and Sunday 18 July

As the weekend goes on, the temperature will continue to rise. Highs of between 25-27C are forecast in the West Country on Saturday rising to between 27C and 29C on Sunday.