Bristol teenager wins national award for anti-racism artwork

15 year old Georgia Selway receiving an award for her anti-racism artwork. Presented to her by West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris

A teenager from Bristol has been given an award for a piece of anti-racism artwork she entered into a national competition.

Georgia Selway was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020.

She says she has never directly experienced racist abuse, but sadly her mother has.

"It happened to her in quite a public place" said Georgia. "So she was surprised that people had, almost, the audacity to say the things that they said and were really careless about her feelings and the fact they were saying these awful things to her."

Georgia's award comes at a time when racism is in the national conversation, after players on the England squad received torrents of abuse after the Euro 2020 final.

Yeovil Town player Mark Little has also been speaking about the racism he's received both on and off the pitch.

Georgia believes the solution lies in how we teach the next generation.

She said: "Educating the children of tomorrow about mutual respect, about how we should respect everybody, no matter their race, their beliefs, or their religion. We should accept everybody's differences."

The award was presented to Georgia by Dan Norris, the West of England Metro Mayor.

He said: "We've seen what happened after the England game, which is absolutely appalling and it shows that these messages that Georgia and other young people are coming up with are really important and do need to be hammered home really hard."