Taunton Pride: Somerset town holds first ever LGBTQ+ festival

It was Taunton's first ever Pride festival. Credit: Jack Turner

Taunton's first ever Pride event was held this weekend.

The Somerset town hosted the LGBTQ+ festival, despite organiser's concerns that it would have to be cancelled because of coronavirus restrictions.

It took place in several locations across the town on Saturday (17 July) with the main celebrations taking place in Goodland Gardens.

Organisers labelled the day 'a Summer celebration of arts, culture and diversity' full of live music, stalls, exhibitions and dancing.

It was free for people to attend, but tickets in most locations were limited to a certain number due to the current Covid guidelines. They sold out in just 24 hours.

Most of the celebrations were held in Goodland Gardens. Credit: Jack Turner

The line-up also included a 'Follow Your Heart Trail', featuring 20 free-standing heart-shaped sculptures spread out across the town's open spaces.

Created by local artists and community groups, they followed the festival theme of 'Love Wins'.

Attendees were also able to enjoy the bright rainbow-coloured path that was painted between Bridge Street and Goodland Gardens along the River Tone.

The path, which features the Pride and Progress colours, put the town on the "inclusivity map" and includes brown and black to reflect ethnic diversity.

Co-organiser Jenny Keogh, said the day was "a long time coming" for a lot of people.