Cornish schoolboys wear skirts in protest at 'outdated' uniform policy

A group of the schoolboys are wearing skirts to school in protest due to the hot weather. Credit: BPM Media.

A group of schoolboys in Cornwall are wearing skirts to school all week to protest a uniform policy that does not allow shorts.

The students at Poltaire School in St Austell believe it is not fair that the uniform policy means boys have to wear trousers, even on warm days.

Fifteen-year-old Adrian Copp was bought his skirt by his mother, who supports his decision to protest the policy and says it is outdated.

She said: “There was meant to be a bigger group protesting and wearing skirts but only four have had the bottle to do it.

“The school’s policy is that shorts aren’t allowed even though students are allowed to wear them at other local schools.

“Adrian and his friends decided to wear skirts to try and make a stand. It’s one way to get noticed.

“On Facebook, Poltair has said that students are allowed to remove blazers in this weather but still nothing about being able to wear shorts.

Adrian Copp's mum bought him his skirt and says the uniform policy is 'outdated'. Credit: BPM Media.

“It’s not just about boys. Some girls aren’t comfortable wearing skirts and would prefer to wear shorts. The uniform policy is outdated - we’re in 2021 now. How would you like to be stuck in blazer and trousers in this weather?

“I’m so proud Adrian had the guts to do it and take a stand. Hopefully the school will take notice and add shorts to the uniform policy.”

Another schoolboy taking part is fifteen-year-old Connor Humphries.

His mum Roxanne Bessell said: "He's not long been at the school and they have supported my son fantastically but I do feel that they should have a choice to wear shorts in this heat."

Poltaire School has been approached for comment.