Visitors to Cornwall urged to 'pack Covid tests' to help curb spread of virus

busy beach cornwall west country
Cornwall Council is urging people to take care in the county despite restrictions easing. Credit: ITV News

Visitors to Cornwall are being urged to pack Covid tests along with their sun cream when preparing to holiday in the county.

Cornwall Council is also advising people to get tested before they travel to curb the spread of the virus.

It comes as cases in the county are continuing to rise. The local authority says "everyone should try and keep a distance between people and wear a face covering if asked to by business".

The authority said hospitals in the area are at full capacity and encouraged people to call 111 in the first instance and only go to the hospital in a life-threatening emergency to prevent them from being overwhelmed.

Visit Cornwall is advising all holidaymakers to:

  • Test yourself and your family before setting out and while you are in Cornwall

  • Get your jab when offered and make it a priority before you set out on holiday; ideally 14 days beforehand so you have the most protection

  • Help local health services by bringing your medication with you and calling your own GP if needed whilst away

  • Please call 111 instead of turning up at a hospital, unless it’s a life-threatening emergency. Our hospitals are working at full capacity, and with a higher than usual number of people visiting because of travel restrictions, we need your help to protect them from being overwhelmed

  • Be aware of the anxiety some may be feeling as they emerge from restrictions

  • Respect those who choose to wear masks

Director of public health for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Rachel Wigglesworth said: “We’re glad that so many people want to come and spend time in our beautiful county, but we ask that you are respectful and help us to keep the virus under control.

“Please enjoy your holiday and make wonderful memories here because it’s a special place - but remember that our local communities will have to live with the consequences if case numbers increase.

Cornish authorities want people to enjoy themselves but to do so safely. Credit: ITV News

"Businesses might still have reduced numbers inside a venue or ask you to wear a face- covering in small, enclosed spaces. And we ask that you also wear a face-covering using our public transport”.

Chief Executive of Visit Cornwall, Malcolm Bell, added: "We all need to understand that the virus will have a great summer of spreading infection if we allow it to, by not sticking to the guidelines.

"The virus will also cause strains on our public and health services, as well as problems when staff must self-isolate in hospitality, so please be on your guard and be patient and understanding when disruptions happen – no one is responsible it is just life in the ongoing pandemic crisis.

“Please enjoy a great break or holiday, be on your guard and be patient and understanding”.