Devon police release graphic pictures of e-scooter crash in Plympton that left man seriously injured

Pictures show police officers at the scene of the accident. Credit: Facebook / Plympton Police

Police in Plympton have released graphic pictures as part of a warning after an e-scooter rider was taken to hospital with what were feared to be life-threatening injuries.

On Friday (23 July) an e-scooter rider was taken to hospital with serious and potentially life-changing head injuries after coming off the vehicle in Market Road, Plympton.

Police were called at 7.09pm after reports that an adult male had come off an e-scooter.

Plympton Police has now released pictures showing the blood-soaked road to remind people that it is illegal to ride a privately owned electric scooter in a public place in the UK.

The pictures show the blood-soaked road after the accident. Credit: Facebook / Plympton Police

A statement from a local officer accompanying the shocking images said: “These photos relate to an incident that occurred in Plympton on Friday in which a local resident was seriously injured having come off the e-scooter he was riding.

“As you can see in the photos the male lost a lot of blood having sustained a nasty head injury. Called to attend the male were police, ambulance and the air ambulance.

“The male was rushed to hospital with injuries that were considered to be life-changing or life-threatening at the time. “The road was then closed for some time to allow police and a scene of crime officer to conduct a detailed analysis of the scene, take statements from witnesses and conduct CCTV enquiries in order to ascertain exactly what happened.

“All this work was necessary just in case the male died, in which case the incident would then have to be referred to the coroner.

“Thankfully the male survived, but I am sure that his injuries will be with him for some time. We would like to remind everyone that it is currently illegal to ride a privately owned electric scooter in a public place in the UK.

“This is because scooters are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles, so they are treated as motor vehicles. So if they are used on a road, pavement or a public place they are subject to the same legal requirements as any motor vehicle.

“The penalties are the same as they are for 'motor vehicles': No insurance; six points, £300 fine and the scooter seized. No Licence; penalty points, a fine and seizure of the scooter.

“Please, don't waste your money purchasing an e-scooter for yourself or anyone else. Working to keep you safe.”