Rare sight of deer swimming across Truro river caught on camera

The rare sight of two deer swam across the river in Truro has been caught on camera.

It was captured by Matt Repper who runs a cruise service on the stretch of water from Truro to Falmouth.

He said the skipper of the boat has been working on the river for 40 years and it was only the third time he had seen deer swimming in it.

He said: “It was absolutely by chance that we saw the deer. I’ve been doing the boats for seven years and it’s only the second time I’ve ever seen deer crossing the river and none as clear as this, or indeed the furthest I’ve seen the deer going through the river.

“Our skipper of the boat who has been sailing for most of his life, over 40 years, said it was only the third time he’d ever seen deer swimming across a river.

"I was downstairs in the boat sorting out paperwork at the time when I was called up to see it. At first, it was difficult to tell what it was at first and then the skipper noted the antlers. We were quite taken aback by how fast they were swimming.”

The animals were likely from the deer park at Tregothnan Estate. They were heading downstream from Malpas Village.

The sight was a rare treat for the passengers on board, who Matt said were pleasantly surprised.

He said: "They just thought they’d be on a boat trip from Truro to Falmouth and instead of it being cloudy and raining as forecast, they got to see clear blue skies and deer passing in front of them. They were pleased to be in the right place at the right time.”