Tokyo 2020: Plymouth's Tom Daley knits a cosy for his Olympic gold medal

Daley was proud to show off his new medal-sized creation. Credit: Credit: Instagram/madewithlovebytomdaley

After the euphoria of clinching Olympic gold Plymouth's Tom Daley found time to unwind by picking up his knitting needles and creating something special for his shiny new medal - a woolly pouch.

The Olympian's love of knitting and crocheting has long been documented in his special Instagram page which has 112,000 followers. Daley was proud to show off his new medal-sized creation.

"This morning I made a little cosy for my medal to stop it getting scratched," he said.

"The one thing that has kept me sane throughout this whole process is my love for knitting, crocheting and all things stitching.

"It gives me a little pouch to carry around my medal without it getting scratched," he added.

Daley, a keen Crochet fan, will be also delighted by the latest tribute to celebrate his gold medal winning success in Tokyo.

Yarnbomber Kathleen Shannon has created a postbox topper of the Plymouth athlete, complete with diving board and gold medal at her home in Essex.

Kathleen's postbox topper of Tom Daley. Credit: Kathleen Shannon

Tom Daley and his team mate Matty Lee won the gold medal in the men’s synchronised 10 metres platform at the Tokyo Olympics.

The British pair defeated the Chinese duo by the most slender of margins, getting just 1.23 points more than the World Champions over the course of six rounds, while the Russian Olympic Committee finished third.

Daley made his Olympic debut in Beijing in 2008 and went on to win bronze medals in both the London and Rio Games.

He will also compete in the individual 10m platform competition in Tokyo later this week.