Plymouth widow 'overjoyed' after being reunited with wedding ring feared lost forever

mrs ryder
Mrs Ryder Credit: BPM Media

A Plymouth widow is overjoyed her missing wedding ring and jewellery have been returned to her.

Mrs Ryder accidentally left her ring behind in a toilet at the Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre in Saltash.

The 85-year-old from Compton visited the garden centre with her niece for a bite to eat and spot of shopping on Monday 16July and took her rings off when she washed her hands.

She mistakenly forgot to put her rings back on and when she returned minutes later, the rings had disappeared.

Mrs Ryder's daughter, Julie Burnett, told how her mother was "inconsolable" as the pair believed they had been stolen.

Mr and Mrs Ryder on their wedding day Credit: BPM Media/Julie Burnett

But Mrs Burnett has now confirmed a gentleman saw an appeal by PlymouthLive to reunite Mrs Ryder with the rings and handed them in to the garden centre.

It is understood the gentleman is a carer and found the rings at the home of someone he cares for, who mistakenly took them home from the garden centre.

Mrs Ryder said she is "overwhelmed" to have her rings back, especially her wedding ring as it is one of few items she has from her beloved late husband who died more than 30 years ago.

Julie said her mum was left "crying with joy" and "overwhelmed" by the kind messages she received.

Sharing a photo from her mum and dad's wedding day and photo of Mrs Ryder wearing her rings now, Julie added: "Mum reunited with her wedding ring of 65 years and other sentimental rings.

"Margaret Rose Ryder is overwhelmed having the rings back, would like to say a big thank you to the kind gentleman returning rings back to Tamar View Garden Centre.

"We're ecstatic and overwhelmed.

"I got a call from the garden centre and they said a man had turned up late in the afternoon and handed the rings in, he's a carer we believe."

Julie would like to offer a reward to the kind gentleman who found the rings and handed them in.

She is appealing to the man to contact the garden centre so Julie can thank him and perhaps take him out for a meal or offer a reward.

"It's a happy ending," she added. "We would love to give a reward, get in touch if it was you!"