'Absolute carnage' - Camping misery as Storm Evert hits tourist hotspots in Cornwall

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Campers across the West Country had a rough night as strong winds and rain were brought in by Storm Evert.

There were winds of almost 70mph on the Isles of Scilly - with gusts hitting 45-55mph on the coast of Devon and Cornwall.

The storm brought misery for many tourists, with many forced to abandon their tents all together and seek refuge indoors.

For those who chose to stay in their tents, it was a long sleepless night.

Many battles the elements to try to keep camping equipment pegged down.

Jennifer Slater-Reid compared the storm to last year's Storm Ellen, but said this one was worse.

Even those tents which stayed in one spot buckled under the pressure.

Dr Rhiannon Stevens shared an image of her tent almost completely flattened.

For those who decided to stay put for the weekend, the wind is thankfully expected to die down.

Temperatures will stay a bit below average, but nothing hardy campers can't put up with if they've made it through last night's storm.

ITV West Country weather presenter Charlie Powell explains where the storm came from

It's not often we see stormy weather during the summer months. Torrential downpours and thunderstorms, yes, but severe gales are pretty rare.

That's exactly what we saw from Storm Evert as it developed on Thursday 29 July and worked its way across the south of the UK into the morning of Friday 30 July.

A small but energetic weather system which brought a gust of 69mph to the Isles of Scilly and a swathe of 45-55mph gusts elsewhere around the West Country coasts.

It is only the 4th named summer storm we've had, but we only have to look back to 2020 for the last two; Francis and Ellen, both in August.

Thankfully this weekend is looking calmer in terms of windiness, but there will be a mixture of sunshine and showers, and temperatures will stay a bit below par.