Covid patient numbers rise sharply across Bristol hospitals

Coronavirus ward in hospital PA
The number of people in hospital has risen throughout the month of July. Credit: PA

The number of patients in Bristol hospitals with coronavirus has increased sharply over recent weeks.

Latest figures released on July 30 showed that there are now 94 patients being treated at Southmead Hospital, the BRI and Weston General Hospital.

It represents a sharp increase since the beginning of the month, where there were only 13 people in hospital with Covid.

It means that the number of people in hospital has risen by over seven times throughout the month of July.

The new figures are still only a fraction of the number of people who were admitted during the peak in January.

People in hospital with coronavirus has increased during the month of July.

The latest figures released by the government show that 54 patients in Southmead Hospital have coronavirus, with five of them on ventilators.

And 40 people at Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) and Weston General Hospital have coronavirus, with four of them on ventilators.

The number of patients on ventilators across those hospitals at the time was nine, which is the same as in the latest update.