Bristol family raising 'life changing' money to adapt home for daughter

Fundraisers walked from Bristol to Bath along the cycle path. Credit: Carina Pope

A family from Bristol is hoping to raise £30,000 to adapt their home for their 12-year-old daughter Abby.

Abby was born with rare genetic condition Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney (ARPKD) and had a liver and kidney transplant when she was five.

Carina Pope, Abby's mum, told ITV News: "More recently Abby's been diagnosed with an excessive bone condition which means her growth plates are diseased and they're affecting how her joints and her bones grow."

Following the diagnosis Abby has been using a wheelchair and Carina says their home is not suitable for her needs: "It's all about getting our home accessible for her and giving her that little bit of independence.

"It would mean absolutely everything, it would mean that she could have that bit of independence.

"It would mean that she wouldn't have to be carried up and down the stairs so you know it would be life changing."

Abby is due imminent & regular surgery which means she will be reliant upon her wheelchair indoors. Credit: Carina Pope

The family have been overwhelmed with the support they have received so far but say that time is not on their side. Abby is due imminent and regular surgery which means she will be reliant upon her wheelchair for the foreseeable future.

They have launched a JustGiving page to help achieve their goals.

Carina said: "Since putting out our fundraising mission we've had so many local businesses and people supporting us.

"We've had amazing sponsors for our t-shirts, people offering their services to help with the build.

"It's just overwhelming. We've cried lots, it's been very emotional and we've met lots of lovely people that just want to help.

"It's like a Bristol version of DIY SOS, everyone has come together and are showing us so much support."

Abby has been helping out with the fundraising too, painting and making jewellery to auction on Facebook.