From Olympic gymnastics to surfing: Amelie Morgan a natural at sport as she enjoys Cornwall trip

Olympic gymnast Amelie Morgan has been proving she has got more talents than just the balance beam as she takes to the waves in Cornwall.

The bronze medalist from Portishead has not long returned from her first Olympics in Tokyo and has been thrown a big celebration party on the Lizard by her long-serving coach Liz Kincaid.

The 18-year-old made history with the Team GB Gymnastics squad as the first British team to win a medal in a team event for nearly a century.

This week she has been letting off some steam around the Lizard Peninsular including getting surf lessons on Poldhu beach.

After an Olympics like no other Liz wanted to throw Amelie a big celebration party. Credit: ITV West Country

Liz says only a limited number of coaches were accredited to travel to Tokyo with the team and she wasn’t selected. Covid restrictions also meant she could not go out and support her as a spectator. Amelie and Liz have been training together since 2017 and the gymnast says she would not be the athlete she is today without her.

"I think sometimes the coaches are some of the people who go unnoticed and they are just as bigger part as the gymnast. And she's had such a major part on not only my gymnastics but my life too. I cannot thank her enough for everything that's she's done to get me where I am," she said.

For 30 years Liz Kincaid has coached gymnasts to become national and international level including former Olympians Ruby Harrold and Imogen Cairns.

But she has told ITV West Country getting Amelie to the Olympics in the year she retired has been the peak of her career.

"[Retirement] is going to be different and strange after 30 years. My first world championships in 2005, four Olympic game representation and this is the first medal so I am absolutely delighted that this was is the pinnacle of both Amelie's career and my career."

Amelie's mother Kate Morgan says the strength of the relationship has been hugely important to the the both of them.

"She spends more time with her than she does me! They really do have an amazing relationship."

Amelie Morgan on the Balance Beam during the Women's Team Final at the Tokyo Olympics. Credit: PA

Athletes would normally be allowed to stay until the Olympic closing ceremony and have more time to soak the experience. Despite the unusual circumstances Amelie says she is still taking away lots of amazing memories like sharing the dining hall with athletes and dishes from around the world - and meeting people who live in Japan.

"Japanese people are the loveliest people ever, they are so respectful. I remember getting off the bus and some kids were playing tennis, they dropped their rackets then bowed to us and they were just so polite."