Adventure couple known for physical trials taking on their biggest challenge yet

Mcdonald and McNuf with their child Storm.
Jamie McDonald and Anna McNuff became parents earlier this year.

Between them they have run, ridden and swam halfway around the world - but an adventurous couple from the West Country are saying their biggest challenge to date has been starting their journey in parenthood.

Jamie McDonald and Anna McNuff have risen to fame for their physical exploits over recent years, with the former running across Canada to raise over £250,000 for hospitals there and also here in the South West.

Jamie also set a world record for running more than 500 miles on a treadmill in a week.

Anna came to public attention in 2019 Anna McNuff when she ran the length of Britain barefoot. She has also cycled through all 50 American states.

Their child Storm was born on December 19 last year and the Gloucestershire pair have now spoken about the new and very different challenge they have found themselves faced with.

Storm was born in December of 2020.

"It is completely brutal, I would rather run across a country than go through the resilience of helping a baby grow up," Jamie said.

"It is the sleep deprivation, it is all smiles and all the rewards are there in front of you. It it worth it every step of the way but it is difficult."

Echoing her partner, Anna said that they were having to find new levels of determination to make sure they could be the best parents they can be as a couple.

"You hear people say it is really hard but when you have done stuff that we have done, I don't mean this in an arrogant way, but you just knuckle down and work harder," she said.

"There is a point where you just get broken, normally we take it in turns to break. I think it takes people by surprise and there is no manual for people.

Storm with her father Jamie who broke the world record for farthest distance ran on a treadmill in seven days.

The pair say they have a newfound respect for parents as a result of their own arrival Storm - and while they admit they would not change anything, they say it is the biggest challenge anyone can take on.

"Now that we have had a baby, any parent out there can do what we do because they have done something harder and raising a human," Anna said.

"They can absolutely run on a treadmill for seven days or run across a country, most people don't want to though because they are sane but I believe that once you have had a baby you can do anything in my opinion."