All-female Cornish crew set off on record-breaking journey from Sennen to Isles of Scilly

The seven rowers are attempting to become the first all-women crew to row a Cornish Pilot Gig from Sennen to the Isles of Scilly. Credit: Nicola Murdoch.

Seven female rowers from Cornwall have begun a sporting attempt that would place them in the record books.

The crew set off shortly after 5am on Wednesday August 4, and are hoping to become the first all-women crew to row a Cornish Pilot Gig from Sennen Cove in Penzance, to the Isles of Scilly.

They are undertaking the 27-mile challenge to mark the 100th anniversary of Newquay Rowing Club, which was founded in 1921.

At that time, women were not allowed to take part in rowing.

The seven hopeful rowers set off just after 5am this morning from Sennen Cove in Cornwall. Credit: Nicola Murdoch.

With no dedicated coxswain on board, the crew are all taking turns at the helm, as they navigate from the mainland to the islands.

They are also being supported by two vessels and an eighth crew member, should one of the crew need a rest.

Setting off before sunrise this morning, Nicola Murdoch told ITV that it was "perfect conditions" with "flat calm seas."

The crew is also raising money for two charities - the Cornish Air Ambulance and The Island Haven.

The Cornish Pilot Gig is being escorted by two vessels, including a spare rower in case one of the seven needs to stop. Credit: Nicola Murdoch.

Crew member Evey Evison said: "During lockdown, we all struggled, like many people did, to stay fit, healthy and connected to our friends.

"Through the bonds we have made through Newquay Rowing Club, we trained virtually together constantly checking in on each other's wellbeing.

"The idea to do this challenge came from many an hour working out together, whilst being apart, still feeling part of the club.

The crew estimate that they will arrive at St Mary's six to eight hours after they set off. Credit: Nicola Murdoch.

"We want to make a difference and support Cornish people through this challenge. This is the first time an all-women crew have done this for our club and I feel this is the right time to do it," she added.

The boat's progress can be tracked on their Facebook and Instagram pages, where there is also detail about donating.