Man uses cows to help propose to his girlfriend on their farm in Somerset

  • Watch the moment Lewis White proposed to his girlfriend Emily with the help of their cows.

A farmer from Somerset was assisted by some of his farmyard friends when he pulled off a creative proposal for his partner.

Lewis White, 24, said his new fiancée Emily Francis started crying after she discovered the all important question written on the side of one of their beloved cows.

"It sounds a bit cheesy but it's all been a bit of a fairytale the way it has gone," Lewis said.

"I've had a lot of compliments about it."

Lewis said he woke up at 6am in the morning and got one of his friends to help him round the cows up on the couple's farm.

When it was all set up, he got Emily out of bed and took her down to the pen where she saw the question.

Emily saw the question written on one of the cows.

The couple first met on social media during the lockdown and despite the tricky circumstances they are now looking forward to their future together.

"We met in lockdown and just hit it off amazingly," Lewis said.

"We talked a lot and really got on. Then things happened really quickly, really. She moved in within about three months."

Lewis and Emily live together on his family farm in Alford, near Castle Cary in Somerset.

For Lewis, proposing on the farm where his family have been based for years meant a lot.

The engagement ring he presented to Emily has been handed down through his family.

Lewis and Emily met on social media during the lockdown.

Lewis said he does not expect the wedding to happen in a hurry but said it is likely to be a local affair.

Emily has fallen in love with farming and is training to be a calf rearer.

"We bought our cows together at the start of lockdown. She was a hairdresser so wasn't able to work," Lewis said.

"She's enjoyed messing about with the cows. They're like great big dogs with her. She can call them and they run over."