Fire caused by out-of-control BBQ destroys car in Devon

This barbecue fire got out of control and torched a car and some bushes near Kingsbridge. Credit: Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

A dramatic picture of a barbecue fire which got out of control and destroyed a hedge and a car has been released in an effort to get people to take extra care.

Fire crews from Dartmouth and Kingsbridge were called to a private car park in East Portlemouth on the afternoon of Tuesday 3 August.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said: "Control mobilised firefighters following a call reporting a BBQ on fire, with concerns about the fire spreading to a nearby car.

"Upon arrival crews confirmed that there was a BBQ on fire, along with a floating pontoon generator and a motor vehicle in a private car park.

"Two breathing apparatus were used along with two hose-reel jets to extinguish the fire, along with small tools and a thermal image camera to check for hotspots."

Following the incident, a spokesperson from Kingsbridge Fire Station posted on Facebook to issue a warning.

"When you light BBQs please make sure you place the BBQ in a safe place and have some buckets of water nearby," they said.

"This BBQ was positioned in the open, away from a hedge and other combustible items, but one ember out of the small chimney was all that was needed to set the hedge on fire and other items including a car.

"Please take care with any BBQs or garden fires as everywhere is so dry.

"It takes seconds, so please take care and have some sort of fire fighting equipment nearby. If in doubt, don’t have either.

"Please take care."

 There is more information on barbecue safety on the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue website.