New signs up as Colston's officially becomes Montpelier High School

Signs with the school's new name have been put up.

New signs have been put up at Montpelier High School after it decided to cut ties with Edward Colston.

Colston’s Girls’ School, which was named after the slave-trader, announced that it would change its name last year.

The new name for the school was decided upon by a combination of staff and students who said they wanted to "forge a new identity".

There was a list of names, including Montpelier, Liberty and Concordia. They were also given the choice of College, High School and School.

A total of 62% of students and staff voted in favour of Montpelier High School.

The school will now be known as Montpelier High School.

Year 11 pupil Hemlata Pant said: “The entire student body has been a part of this process and I’m excited by the result today. 

“But this isn’t just a moment, it’s the beginning of something much bigger and as a community, we are helping to shape the future of the school.”

An online public survey conducted by the school received 454 responses of which 63% said that the school should not change its name.

However the opinion of students and staff fared differently and 75% of them voted in favour of changing the name. A decision supported unanimously by the Board of Venturers Trust.