‘Star Wars’ filmmaker brings terrorism and Islamophobia campaign to Taunton

This video contains distressing images
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A talented filmmaker who has worked on blockbusters including Star Wars and The Favourite has brought a powerful new campaign to the West Country.

Rizwan Wadan has produced a hard-hitting film which highlights terrorism and Islamophobia in the UK.

It is part of his Error In Terror campaign, which he is bringing to different parts of the country to inspire communities and effect change.

On Thursday 5 August, he was in Taunton to meet local faith leaders, councillors and members of the public.

Filmmaker Rizwan Wadan in Taunton.

‘I’ve seen relationships deteriorate’

“Growing up as a Muslim, living in the UK, I’ve seen our relationships within the communities deteriorate,” Rizwan explained.

“And that’s kind of happened - from my perspective - through how Islam and Muslims have been perceived.

“A lot of that has come through our representation in films, in the news, in newspapers.

The film was due to be released last year, but was delayed as a result of the pandemic.

Nina Karwalska, who worked on the project, said she hopes it can initiate conversations within society.

“I think I’ve watched it like a hundred times, but it gets me every time because it’s just so to the point and so direct and it’s so visually stunning,” she said.

“We all see the division within society so what we are really here to do is start those conversations and break those barriers down.”

Rizwan intends to screen his film in other parts of the West Country later this year, to spread his message and inspire change.

To watch the Error In Terror film in full, and for more information on the campaign, click here.