Bristol City's new signing Matty James on playing against his brother

  • Watch Matty James discuss the prospect of playing his brother for the first time.

Bristol City's new midfielder Matty James says the prospect of playing against his brother for the first time is exciting ahead of the team's season opener against Blackpool.

The match at Ashton Gate could see James line up against his brother, Reece James, for the first time in their careers.

Matty joined Bristol City on a free transfer in the summer after a number of years with Leicester City and other clubs on loan.

His brother Reece officially joined Blackpool from Doncaster Rovers.

The fixture means that both players start their new chapters with a small bit of history for them and their family.

"We haven't ever played, we crossed paths when we are at Man United but that is it really," he said.

"We were actually together at the time we found out, I was like 'wow', we were hoping for it to be a bit later in the season.

"I wanted to get settled and he wanted to get settled as well but the fact it is the first game and is at Ashton Gate, it is going to be an emotional day."

The midfielder said that he did not know yet which side his family would come down on, but that the fact they were sitting in the Bristol City end for the match was a 'good sign' for him.

Matty James joined Bristol City in the summer, reuniting him with manager Nigel Pearson.

"My dad kicks every ball and so does mum so it will be strange for them," he continued.

"They are all in the Bristol City end though and they are all looking forward to the game though which is good for me.

"My dad has asked for a 1-1 draw but obviously I don't want that. It should be a really good day."

Reece James had previously played for Doncaster Rovers before joining Blackpool. Credit: PA images.

Matty also explained how the pair had not discussed any tactics for the game but said that it would be weird if they both made their official debuts for their new clubs against each other.

"We are not getting too in depth with anything when we talk about the game," he said.

"I am enjoying it here at my new club and he is enjoying it at his so I think it is another strange thing. First game in our new chapters is against each other.

"There is a possibility he could play in central midfield and we could be against each other in the engine room which would be interesting."

City's new number 6 said that the club were looking for a more successful season this year, in what will be manager Nigel Pearson's first full campaign with the side.

"I think success for this team would be building towards a better season and maintaining a good start throughout the year. We have to find an identity to our game and see where it takes us."