Woman quit her office job to start up curry wrap business from her kitchen

Veena Connor can have 20-30 orders a week.

A mum-of-two has swapped the corporate world for her kitchen to sell curry wraps - and business is booming.

After being furloughed and noticing an improvement in her health, Veena Connor decided to set up her own business during the second national lockdown.

She is now providing Gujarati-inspired takeaway food for her local community in Gloucestershire.

The mother-of-two used to work for an investigations company but was furloughed when the pandemic hit. The time at home allowed her to think what she really wanted from life.

Veena creates her take away dishes from her kitchen in Hardwicke.

Veena told ITV News: "It was going on for almost a year and I have issues with my spine and back, so sitting at a desk was actually quite hard work.

"Being furloughed I noticed it was so much better.

"I wanted to do something I enjoyed doing but would keep me moving about. That's really why I came up with doing Guji Bites."

The dishes have been inspired by Veena's mother who grew up in India in the state of Gujarat. After getting married she learned a lot about cooking from her mother-in-law.

Veena's mother with her mother-in-law who taught her about cooking. Credit: Veena Connor

Veena's meals are still using those original recipes but with a modern twist.

Veena added: "I use cardamom and cloves, they are typical spices that we would use in Gujarati cooking. We've also got cinnamon in the hot oil sizzling away.

"The dishes are what I've grown up with, so every household might do it differently.

"I wanted a way to make them for people to enjoy them, that's convenient - hence putting it in the wrap. Putting it all together in once convenient package really."

A keema lamb & pea wrap. Credit: Guji Bites

Since opening she can receive 20 to 30 orders a week, with local companies buying in bulk.

Now it is the school holidays her daughter Tiya is able to help, she has as much appetite for learning as she does trying out her mother's dishes.

Tiya Connor, aged 10, added: "I don't know the exact number of times I've had the wraps for dinner but lots of times. They're delicious."